Essay questions for exams are always posted separately.

A - excellent detail, presentation, clarity, and conformity to assignment; shows serious thought, reflection and care with details; outstanding and perhaps close to perfection – the gold medal of writing
B - very good detail, AND VERY GOOD in every way as above: presentation, clarity, conformity to assignment, reflection and care with details - the silver medal of essays
C - average detail, presentation, clarity, and conformity to assignment, but may have general sloppiness, run short, have key errors, or appear rushed or incomplete; yet overall not bad. The plain baked potato of essays - a bronze medal
D – Similar to C level, but also falls short in some key way; does not answer question properly, leaves reader confused or needs much more time or effort; however, it's still passable work
F - Extremely incomplete, impossible to read or perhaps misses the meaning of the question/s completely - not passable work

ps - SUBJECT of email MUST HAVE ID - your name + CLASS + time/section (ex: OBAMA, COMM 1100 - 4:30 pm)

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